How To Apply:

To apply for enrolment, please email me your responses to the following questions.

I use these questions to determine if I can help you and if we could be a good fit for working together.

You can copy the below template into an email, entitled "Application for LowerLaptime Leap" and addressed to [email protected]

I'll then reply to you and if it's the right fit, we can set up a call to run through your specific needs and goals.

1. Which coaching program would help you the most? Please bold the items most applicable below (example)

- Beginners
- Intermediates & Corners
- Professionals & Corners

2. Tell me about your racing experience? For how long have you been racing, and in what categories?

3. What are you currently racing, and how are you going in that?

4. How would you describe your current level of knowledge?

5. What are your future goals in motorsport?

6. In which areas do you think you need to improve / focus on?

7. Do you have your own simulator, or access to a simulator? A good PC and internet are also required when we do live coaching's /and share screens.

8. Do you have access to your telemetry data? (I use SRT in the sim, and it was roughly $15)

9. If I could signifantly improve your driving skills in as little as 4-7 weeks, how much would that be worth to you as a competitive racing driver? Please bold the item most applicable below (example)

- Up to $500
- Between $500 and $1500
- $1500 - $3000
- $3000 - $5000
- Greater than $5000 if required / I am committed to improving regardless.

10. What is your nearest city? (For call scheduling / time zone purposes) and what days and times would you be available for a call and coaching?

11. What is something from the training on the front page that you learnt or related to?

12. Have you worked with any coaches before? What was the coaching model, and how helpful did you find it?